Arawayuu | About Us

Arawayuu comes all the way from the Wayuu tribe of La Guajira, Colombia to California with an authentic story!

We empower Colombian women artisans to share their life stories and traditions. Every mochila bag has a story behind, Arawayuu aims to preserve the essence and beauty of every handmade piece. It takes one Wayuu artisan woman, approximately 160 hours to create an Arawayuu mochila.

As our way to give back to our community, 10% of our profits go back to support our talented artisan community.  We offer unique designs, colors, and experiences for all types of seasons and moods!    

Meet our Founder & Creative Designer, Maria Salazar  

Credit to Bronwyn Huddleson Photography

Credit to Bronwyn Huddleson Photography 

"This journey began when I came across one of my life passions: empowering and representing our Colombian women artisans of the Wayuu tribe. About a year ago, I started nurturing my passion for entrepreneurship through these artisans, by understanding their traditions.

I decided to advocate for these women because of their lack of resources to do so, but even then, they still do more for their community than people can see or know. This tribe proves there is a lot to learn from them and from people in Colombia. Even though I’m not part of the Wayuu tribe, I admire and respect their heritage. I want to raise multicultural awareness in California, which is already known as a melting pot.

More than launching a business, I want to give my community in San Diego the opportunity to shop with a purpose. Additionally, I want to boost the concept of colors and unique pieces with one of my hobbies: jewelry. I decided to launch the tassel earring collection with one goal: to allow our Arawayuu community to communicate a message." Read her full story via SD Voyager Magazine.